Just my Visual Basic stuff

A class to query the WMI (local and remote)
XP Styles without using a manifest
ASP.NET JavaScript Alert
ASP.NET Open New Browser Window
Installing a remote printer using WMI
Installing a remote printer using PrintUI.dll
Read data from Microsoft Excel file into SQL Database
A Program I wrote in VB.NET 2005 that shows asynchronous TCP Server & how to use the Serial Port
Using the FlashWindow & FlashWindowEx API calls
Disabling the Close Button (X) on a form
How to get your internet IP address
Code to reboot an Actiontec DSL Gateway if there is no internet connection
Floppy disk imaging 101 in VB 2005

A simple program to download a file from an FTP server
Show all InnerExceptions without using recursion
Using a delegate to make a cross-thread call to a control
Printing colored text to the console window
Convert a number to words

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